Berry Flavor

Berry Flavor

Orange Flavor

Orange Flavor

Ultimate ThermoFit
It's Vital

Ultimate ProFIT
Rich Chocolate

Ultimate ProFIT
Creamy Vanilla

  Pick a Greens Flavor - Berry or Orange

pick if you prefer the tub of Greens powder or individual pre-measured servings
(they are the same price for either packaging)
  Supplements need for the Reboot:

Carb Inhibitor
Metabolism Booster
  Pick a Protein Powder Flavor - Chocolate or Vanilla

Ready to try a GREENS REBOOT? It's a great detox that helps you feel IN-CRED-I-BLE!!

Here's the Greens Reboot Plan/Schedule you'll use and follow
When purchasing products for the GREENS REBOOT, I highly recommend signing up and purchasing as a Loyal Customer.

Loyal Customers save 45% (getting products at wholesale prices), you earn Perk Points that translate into $ off future orders and FREE SHIPPING for life after 3 months.

The only stipulation to become a Loyal Customer is to purchase something, anything for 3 consecutive months. With our Greens Reboot, it's worth signing up as Loyal Customer to get the wholesale pricing on your products then purchasing the Fat Fighters for your remaining to months of the Loyal Customer commitment...
OR you can choose to pay the $50 Loyal Customer Membership Fee and there is not a 3-month commitment

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